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Commentary By Roger Oakland

We have categorized all commentary to make it easier to find a subject you are interested in.  As commentary becomes available, we will post them at the top of this page so new commentary will be featured as well as categorized below.

We also have some commentary by Roger Oakland translated to Swedish.

To see these commentary, please click on a link below
Det Inkluderande Evangeliet
Nya andliga läror från antika romersk-katolska källor
Är Framväxande kyrkans kritiker alltför kritiska?
Slå på trumman för “Jesus”


Newly Posted Commentary



The Potential to Become a god
What Seems Right May Be Wrong
Pathway to Apostasy
Unity At Any Cost?
Seeker Friendly To Contemplative Spirituality
The Three Legged Stool Plan
The Gospel Of Self
Certain Men Crept In
Measuring The Experience
A Faith Or The Faith
New Age “Christianity”?
“Another Jesus” Movement
Ichabod Revisited
Calvary Chapel Pastors Respond to Our Lonnie Frisbee Commentary
A Challenge For Calvary Chapel Pastors to Take a Stand Against Apostasy
The Warning
The Jesuit Agenda and the Evangelical/Protestant Church
Jerry Boykin and the Calvary Chapel Connection
The Ecumenical Puzzle
Standing for the Gospel – It is a Small Price to Pay
The Word Of Man Versus The Word Of God
God’s Word Shines Light Upon End Times Apostasy
From Garbage To God
Shepherds Or Wolves
Tony Campolo: On Being “Born Again” by Centering Prayer
Is Apostasy Possible?
Cloning And Genetic Engineering
Humans Pretending To Be God
Mice And Men
Older And Better
Making Life In The Lab
Fossil Fish
The Evolution of the Immune System
The Lyell Darwin Connection
An Explosion That Shook The World
Creation or the Creator – Who Will You Serve?
Darwin's Walking Fish
From Science Fiction To Scientific Fact
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
The Story Of How Humans Evolved
Design Without Intelligence
Science And The Origin Of Life
Hobbit Or Hoax
Noah or Not?
Father of us All?
Who are the Bigots?
Death of the Dinosaurs
Dino Dung
Unnatural Selection
Science Finds God
Emerging Church
Jesus With A Twist
A Global Community – the Sign of His Coming
Can Right Be Wrong?
“Another Jesus” Movement
Slaughterhouse Religion?
The Inclusive Gospel
New Spiritual Disciplines From Ancient Roman Catholic Sources
Are Emerging Church Critics Too Critical?
Drumming Up "Jesus"
What Ever Happened to The Bible?
How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging in Your Church
The Good News
Don't Give Up
The Most Loving Gift
Jihad, Jihad, Jihad
Israel And The Last Days
Iran, Russia and Israel
Moroni Baloney

Out Of Retirement

Why Are There So Many Races?
Animal Rights
Discernment Or Criticism?
Ducks, Sheep, and People
When Churches Use and Abuse Missions
Why Are So Many Departing From Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa?
Is Christianity the Reason the World is in Trouble?
Shepherds Or Wolves?
Awake Sleeper
What Is Next For Calvary Chapel?
Grassmarket Evangelism
Food For Thought
When Is Yoga, Yoga?
A Global Community – the Sign of His Coming
From Darkness To Light
Is There a Connection with the June 2005 Jon Courson Ecumenical Communion Message  and the Boykin-Barton Agenda?
Another spirit or the Holy Spirit?
Another Hole in the Wall
Calvary Chapel Confusion
The Demise of Mega Corporate Churches
RE: Open Letter To Evangelical and Protestant Pastors Worldwide - Now is the Day to Turn Back to God’s Word
David Barton Continues to Dupe Gullible Christians
The Calvary Chapel David Barton Connection - Why Is This So Significant?
An Update On The Titanic
The Jeremiah Calling
The Death of the Mega Church
The Solomon Syndrome
Black Friday
Rethinking Revised
Is Your Denomination A Sinking Titanic?
Something to Remember on Remembrance Day
New Age and Mysticism
Yoga and the Law
One World Government
Cashless Canada?
One World Religion
Jesuit Pope Francis, Pastor Rick Warren And The Coming One World Religion For Peace
Passion of the Christ Movie
Passion Evangelism
Caution: "The Passion" and Mary
The :Passion: Visionary
Catholic Evangelism
Signs of the Times
A Global Community – the Sign of His Coming
Christ In Christmas
It's Coming - Ready or Not
Two Moms, No Dad
Signs and Wonders
What Signs are These?
Social Gospel
The Purpose Driven Inclusive Church
A Purpose Driven Plan
Calvary Chapel And Purpose Driven
Is Bible Prophecy Important?
Certain Men Crept In
Contemplative Prayer Or Terror?
Purpose Driven Ecumenism
Open Letter To Pastors and Teachers - Decision Time
The Emerging Church: Last Days Apostasy and a Return To Darkness
Seeker Unfriendly
Unbiblical Christianity
God is Not Purpose Driven: Calvary Is About the True Gospel

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