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In The News
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There are a number of news items Understand The Times has been monitoring that relate to so-called conversions of Muslims to Jesus Christ. This is very interesting in light of the fact that Muslims do not believe that God has a Son. They deny that Jesus is the Son of God.

Muslims do however believe that “Mary” is the mother of Jesus and the converts that are coming to "Jesus Christ" may well be coming to the Eucharistic Christ. The Eucharistic Jesus is a wafer following transubstantiation. When the wafer is placed in a monstrance the wafer can be worshipped and adored. In some places they say that Jesus is appearing. This is the Second Coming according to them.
This is why some watchmen are warning.
While Joel Rosenburg, author of numerous End Times books and protégé of Tim La Haye agrees that conversions are happening I am going to wait and see the evidence for myself. For now I am willing to face the hostile attack and hear the complaints from my opponents: “Oakland, you are against everything. What are you for?”
I am for the truth. How about you?

Please Watch the video Clip. There is advertisement at the beginning. The video will start after the ads.

March 17 - Thousands of Muslims Convert to Christianity in Iraq!!!

Article: Unbiblical Christianity

Watch Video Clip....




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